The pipe is made up of complex configurations, and it is not easy to cut it beautifully even with modern CNC machines. The sides and even the invisible backside is polished and finished until all traces of machine work have disappeared.
These processes, including the final polishing and finishing, are delicate operations in which chamfering and polishing are performed while checking with a microscope, and if the tool is applied incorrectly even for a moment, it can never be corrected, so the work requires continuous concentration.


At supplier GMG Composants in Le Locle, Mr. Sekiguchi himself hand-crafts everything from shaping to polishing, cutting from solid 18K white gold and 18K rose gold.


[Case / Crown]

The tip of the crown is engraved with the initial "Y" of "YOSUKE", the creator..
The case details are designed with a warm taste by smoothing the angle of the curves of the inwardly shaped concave bezel, and the curved sapphire glass on the top surface is designed to allow easy visibility to the edges of the dial.


[Balance with hairspring]

An unsold stock screwed bimetallic balance with hairspring made in the 1960s will be refinished, followed by blue quenching work.
The length is adjusted by measuring the beat and then mounted..
Also, to use a modern balance spring for Primevere that does not expand and contract, the balance is incorporated without a cut.


[Ratchet wheel]

The gear cutting process is performed in the state of steel bar material. It is then sliced into the thickness of a ratchet wheel.
The areas between the teeth are prepared for molding by hand, one tooth at a time, prior to the polishing process.



At first glance, it appears to be a steel frame containing only a simple end stone without a shock-resistant device.
Underneath, however, the Incabloc is hidden.
While maintaining the appearance of a pocket watch of the past, a shock-resistant device is incorporated at the top and bottom of the watch to avoid shocks to the balance staff to the maximum extent.

3番車 (4番車)

[Third wheel [Fourth wheel]]

After GMG Composants has machined the gears into gear condition, Mr. Sekiguchi cuts out the teeth of the gears.
Then filing for chamfering and polishing finish are performed using a microscope, followed by plating finish.
All of the work is so delicate that it requires technique and concentration.
The rose gold case incorporates a polished finish, while the white gold and stainless-steel cases incorporate a hairline finish.


[Anchor striker]

The anchor striker, which requires the greatest precision, consists of two parts that are screwed together with a shaft.
The design of the anchor striker differs greatly from that of the modern anchor striker, and the polishing process is extremely delicate and requires great skills.


[Escape wheel]

As with the balance with hairspring, based on unsold stock piece of the highest specification made in the 1970s, the beveling work will be done on the bridge and the back of the teeth while maintaining the accuracy of the tooth tips.
Also, in order to reduce weight, the bridge section is made thinner and satin-finished to express looseness and sharpness.


[Escape wheel bridge]

Like the other bridges and bottom plates, GMG Composants will finish the ebauches made of "German silver," a Western silver.
The center incision is made by sanding a line with a file and then polishing a V-shape at the same angle at which the other bridges were chamfered.
This way, light reflection can be observed at the same time as the chamfered surfaces of the other bridges.



The click and spring are integrated. Instead of the linear design commonly used, the spring part is rounded to create a harmonious and beautiful design.

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